Friday, January 1, 2016

Some holiday hits

I was just talking with my wife about how it's been quite a while since I've written anything about Drew here on the blog.  Certainly not because I haven't wanted to, or because he hasn't provided any material to write about.  I've just been lazy and not written any of it down.

So here's an attempt to make up for it just a tad.

Over the holiday break, Drew had some classic one-liners.

One night, we went out to drive around Highland Park and look at Christmas lights.  As soon as we got into my wife's car, we turned on the radio, and it was set to the Sirius XM Christmas song channel, as it tends to be from Thanksgiving through New Year's.  Last Christmas, by Wham (or George Michael, I don't know), was playing, and my wife said, "Andrew, it's my favorite Christmas song!

From the back seat, Andrew immediately replied, "It's my NOT favorite Christmas song!"

After moseying around several neighborhoods and taking in all the lights, we could tell Drew was bored, because he had gotten out his magnetic alphabet board and was putting numbers and letters together.  He stuck two of his numbers together and asked, "What number is this, Mama?"

It was dark, and T said, "I don't know, baby, I can't really see it."

Drew, in his best teacher's voice said, "It's fifty-three, Mama!  You know this number!"

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